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Project coordinator - Association for Educational, Cultural and Sports Action - form2you

The Association for Educational, Cultural and Sports Action - form2you is a non-profit association and its objective is to empower people, groups, organisations and communities to respond autonomously to the demands and needs of the social inclusion process. It also develops social activities for children, young people, adults and the elderly. The Association was created in 2018, in Sintra, Portugal, by a group of teachers, psychologists, and other professionals from various areas, in order to fill an existing gap in the implementation of actions that were not possible without its creation.
The educational policies of school establishments often do not allow to effectively help families and the young people themselves at school age and after leaving school.
Thus, the creation of this association has allowed the development of several actions, and projects implementations, that have been positive and effective in the process of fighting against the exclusion of young people and adults.

How is this project important for Form2you?

This project is very important for Form2you, because it will allow us to work directly with teachers and educators, which in a second plan will create an increase in civic awareness in young people, so that they always have in mind the fight against radicalisation, political participation and the increase in critical thinking as a way to face the problems of our society in challenges, challenges in which young people should have an active role.

How will Form2you uses the project results?

The methods resulting from the project will be made known and experienced by various actors who work directly with young people.
The fact that Form2you has teachers and psychologists working in schools as partners will allow the methods to be presented through workshops. These workshops will also be held with leaders of institutions working with young people. In this way, the implementation of the methods will be a reality and the expected results are very high.

Contact person: Victor Dos Santos
Phone number: +35 191 89 05 374
Mail address: geral@form2you.pt
Website: https://form2you.pt
Associação para a Ação Educativa, Cultural e Desportiva – Form2you,
in Estrada de Mafra, 48 / 50, Lourel, 2710 – 374, Sintra, Portugal
+00 351 918 905 374  |  geral@form2you.pt

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